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New Church Building Timeline

Timeline of the Grey Eagle UMC New Building Project

Week of August 12, 2007

  • The building site was prepped for excavation by Art Johnson of Art Johnson Construction, and Duane Becker of Update Lumber and Supply of Grey Eagle. 
  • A sign proclaiming the future site of the Grey Eagle United Methodist Church was erected on the building site. 

Week of August 19, 2007

  • Excavation of the church site began.  Twardowski Excavation of Long Prairie prepared the land for laying the foundation. 
  • The cement block foundation was laid by Beuning  Masonry of Sauk Centre. 

Week of August 26, 2007

  • The groundbreaking ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon of Aug. 26. An antique one-bottom plow powered by members of the congregation was used to symbolically turn over the soil in what was a corn field just days earlier.  The use of the plow symbolized the agricultural heritage of the church and the importance of the congregation pulling together. 
  • A well was drilled by Atkinson Well and Pump of Freeport.  A strong flow of water was found at 52 feet. 
  • Backfill of the foundation and preparation for the septic system was completed by Twardowski Excavation. 

Week of September 2, 2007

  • Bitz Plumbing and Heating of Grey Eagle, installed the plumbing that runs under the floor.
  • Grey Eagle Electric installed the conduits and electric in-floor heat cables that run under the floor. 

Week of September 9, 2007

  • The cement floor was poured.
  • The framing walls were built by Art Johnson Construction. 
  • Sheeting went on over the framed walls.
  • Interior walls were constructed.

Week of September 16, 2007

  • Rafters were set in place.
  • Additonal interior walls were built.
  • Three people injured as 30 rafters fell into the interior of the building as a result of a wind gust. 

Week of September 23

  • The fallen rafters were removed and discarded.  The injured workers were healing well and the insurance adjuster came to complete the paperwork for an insurance claim. 
  • Interior walls and the platform at the front of the sanctuary were built. 
  • A very successful hog roast fundraiser was held at the Lake Country Storage building next to the church building site on Sat. Sept. 29.

Week of October 1

  • New rafters arrived and were installed on Wednesday.
  • Plywood sheeting was put on the roof to give it stability. 

Week of October 7

  • Steel roofing was completed on the north side of the building and partially on the south side.
  • Part of the main door canopy was built but dependent upon the shipment of a steel beam. 

Week of October 14

  • Most work on the building was halted due to rain that fell every day. 

Week of October 18

  • Windows and doors have been installed. 
  • The cement board siding is beginning to be installed. 

Week of October 25

  • Carpenters completed the steel roof. 
  • Plumbers installed plumbing lines for the restrooms and the kitchen.
  • Electricians installed electrical outlets and light fixtures.
  • Excavation around the parking area was completed. 
  • The installation of the sewer system was completed. 
  • A kitchen committee shopped for sizes and types of kitchen appliances. 

Week of November 4

  • Cement sidewalks and drivethrough area were poured. 
  • Electrical and plumbing work continued on the interior.

Week of November 11

  • Electrical and plumbing work continued on the interior. 

Week of November 18

  • More siding was installed on the ends of the building.
  • Stonemason, Tom Welck, began work on the stone facade.

Week of November 25

  • The interior walls of the church were insulated. 
  • More plumbing, heating and eletrical work was completed
  • Final specifications for the sound system were identified.

Week of December 2

  • The sheetrock was hung in the west end of the building: classrooms, kitchen, restrooms and fellowship hall.
  • The ceiling was insulated. 
  • Electrical and ductwork was done throughout the building. 
  • Framing of the front of the sanctuary was completed. 

Week of December 9

  •  The sheetrock was hung in the sanctuary. 
  • The pine ceiling was installed in the sanctuary.
  • Wiring for the sound system was completed.
  • Seam taping was begun in the fellowship hall, classrooms and kitchen areas. 
  • The in-floor electric heat was turned on in the west side of the building. 

Week of December 16

  • Work on finishing the sheetrock wall continued.
  • Work on the brickwork continued on the exterior. 
  • The kitchen and restrooms were measured for cabinetry.

Week of December 23

  • Paint colors were chosen for the interior wall.
  • Work continued on finishing the sheetrock walls.
  • Cabinetry was under construction. 

Week of December 30

  • More ductwork was completed in the ceilings.
  • Finishing work continued on sheetrock walls. 
  • The front doors were installed.

Week of January 6, 2008

  • Painting of the walls was underway.
  • Heating/cooling ductwork was completed. 
  • Sheetrock finishing continued. 

Week of January 13

  • Painting continued.
  • Two windows that will house stained glass were installed.  One is over the chancel area and the other is on the front of the canopy. 
  • More of the exterior siding was installed. 
  • Gridwork for holding the ceiling tile in the west end of the building was installed. 
  • More lighting was installed. 

Week of January 20

  • Painting and staining continued.
  • Kitchen cabinetry and interior doors were installed.
  • Ceiling tile was installed.
  • Vinyl floor covering was installed in the west end of the building--fellowship hall, kitchen and restrooms.

Week of January 27

  • Kitchen appliances were installed.
  • Plumbing fixtures were installed.
  • Entry doors and folding door was instralled. 

Week of February 3

  • Entry area ceramic tile was installed.
  • Restroom stall dividers were installed. 
  • A Venitcian finish on the curved walls of the sanctuary was begun.
  • The overhead door for the kitchen serving area was instralled.

Week of February 10

  • Painting, staining and varnished was completed.
  • Sanctuary entrance door was installed.
  • The water pump and pressure tank were installed. 
  • A crew of 12 people cleaned the church on Sat. a.m.
  • People gathered to write prayers and other messages on the sanctuary floor.

Week of February 17

  • The carpet was installed in the sanctuary, conference room and Sunday school room.

Week of February 24

  • The ceramic tile was laid in the entry.
  • The vinyl tile received the finish coat in the fellowship hall, kitchen and restrooms.

Week of March 2

  • Moving week.  A large crew of volunteers moved the furniture, supplies, and kitchen ware from the old church to the new. 
  • Crews of voluteers organized the kitchen, fellowship hall, conference room, Sunday school room and installed the sanctuary furniture.
  • The sound system was completed with the capacity to have sound in all rooms including an outside speaker under the canopy.
  • The sound system includes special devices for the hearing impaired. 
  • Crews of people cleaned all of the furniture. 
  • Crew of workers washed windows and organized the church for the first service. 

Week of March 9

  • The first service in the new building was March 9, 2008.
  • The final finish was applied to the Venitian finished walls of the chancel area.

Week of March 16

  • The first fellowship hall service was held March 20, an Agape Supper.
  • A service of Tennebrae was held on Good Friday evening.
  • Tom Welck continued to work on the stone facade on the exterior. 
  • The final coats of varnish were applied to some window casings.

Week of March 23

  • The first Easter Sunday breakfast was served in the fellowship hall.
  • The first Easter worship service was held.

 Week of March 30

  • Siding was installed on the front of the canopy.
  • The stone facade is completed around the entry door. 

Week of May 26

  • Tom Welck, stonemason, finished the stone work on the church.
  • Work on landscaping began and lawn seeding was completed.

WeeK of July 13

  • More trees and shrubs were added the the landscape.  The garden outside the south windows was completed. 

Week of July 20

  • John Roe, Rod Thompson, Karina Roe and Loren Roe completed the installation of an irrigation system to water the lawn, trees and shurbs throughout the church property.


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